Modern Love

Languages Used

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

Modern Love is a website designated to inform users about the furniture and designers help contribute to the mid-century modern era. I created the concept for Modern Love, designed and developed the whole project.

Concept: The concept started when viewing the mid-century modern furniture exhibit at LACMA. I was visually inspired to create a place where people could see and learn about the things that were created during that era.

Target Audience: Men and women in the 40-60 yr. old range that have a passion for furniture. Mid-century modern is a timeless era that is attracting an even younger audience as things are now starting to get recreated.

Objective: The site was built to let users bounce around from the different pieces made, and the designers who created them. I also added a nice image gallery where users can see some of the great pieces. The database is filled with great information and is still growing. One of the challenges was acquiring the information about the designers and some of the pieces.

Solution: I created a database filled with products and designers and loaded it up with information that support the product. I wanted to stay true to the era by using colors and patterns that best represent that time. Because there will always be new information to add, I included a Content Management System that allows me to create, edit and delete content on the website. I added numerous contact links where users can get in-touch with me to give me new material.