Vision Star Media

Languages Used

  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS

Vision Star Media is a full service video communications company. The website showcases their brand and video productions

Concept: I worked closely with the founder Mike Strouse on a design that fit well with their target audience. I came up with very clean interface that allows users to interact with the different videos they've created.

Target Audience: The target audience are companies looking for reels and video productions that explain who they are.

Objective: I developed the site to have a large video gallery section so users could click through the different visuals and see Vision Star's talent at work. I implemented HTML5 video on the site and a big challenge was getting it to work on all browsers. Another challenge in this website was the minimalistic approach to color and design.

Solution: I used a very clean minimalistic approach to the design so the images/video pop off the screen. An image slider on the homepage acts as a call to action to other areas of the website.