Languages Used

  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS

Suplove is a boutique stand-up paddleboard (SUP) company with a big heart, and killer product. Their company is about the people, the bonding & the SUP community. It's about the new friends they meet both on & off the water. It's about the people they work with, their customers, dealers & their friends.

Concept: With Suplove, the concept was to create a clean platform where users could see new Suplove boards and products, as well as allow online purchases.

Target Audience: Beach and ocean lovers.

Objective: Clean UX/UI that makes buying online very easy. I wanted to create a system that allowed users the ability to change board rail colors with different pad colors. I also built a custom CMS that allows the admin to go in and change/update all the content.

Solution: The Board Builder tool on the site is a custom tool that allows users the ability to personalize their experience. They can choose boards, colors & pads, all on the fly. The great thing is the user can see immediate results. For V2 I'm going to implement a choose your own pad design feature.