Languages Used

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

Cupcaked is a playful website created to walk users through the design process in decorating cupcakes. I created the concept for Cupcaked, designed and developed the whole project.

Concept: The concept started when making cupcakes for my daughter. I was searching for a simple but fun idea and was overwhelmed with the search results. I thought it would be great to develop a site that just concentrated on the decorating portion of the recipes.

Target Audience: The target audience is women, 25-40. I chose this target audience because research indicated they most likely would be doing the baking and decorating of the cupcakes. The design of the site uses playful colors and imagery to reach out to the target audience

Objective: I focused the recipes on the design process and included step-by-step tutorials and videos to make the recipes easy to follow. There are many websites out there that have cupcake recipes, but few actually tell you how to decorate them. Great Imagery is used to accompany the recipes and give users new and creative ideas for their cupcakes. I included a blog feed on to the homepage to keep the content fresh and to help get rid of the spiders.

Solution: I created a database filled with recipes and images. I wanted to stay true to the target audience by using colors and patterns that stay playful and connect to the cupcake theme. Because there will always be new information to add, I included a Content Management System that allows me to create, edit and delete recipes on the website. An image slider on the homepage acts as a call to action to other areas of the website.