John Philpotts

Languages Used

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

John Philpotts Photography is an e-commerce/portfolio website created to showcase and sell the action sports photography of John Philpotts.

Concept: The concept started when John Philpotts approached me wanting a portfolio website to showcase his work. Together we elaborated on the idea and collectively decided to add an e-commerce portion to the website so he could sell prints.

Target Audience: The target audience is men, 20-45. The majority of the work is action sports based, so men would be a large portion of the target audience.

Objective: I created the logo and branding, as well as the design and development of the entire site. I developed the site to have a large gallery section so users could click through the different images and see his work. The challenge in this website was incorporating the e-commerce section. There are many different sizes and print options so I created a customized JavaScript dropdown that corresponds with each image to print.

Solution: I used a very clean minimalistic approach to the design so the images pop off the screen. I created a database filled with print and gallery images because it will constantly be changing. There will always be new information to add, so I included a Content Management System that allows me to add, edit and delete all the images on the website. An image slider on the homepage acts as a call to action to other areas of the website. I also included social network links in the footer so that users have no problem getting in touch with John Philpotts.