Studio Z

Languages Used

  • Interface Design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Studio Z is mobile application directed at musicians that want to create, record and play music on the go. I created the concept for Studio Z, the branding, and designed the interface for the whole project.

Concept: The application bundles up all the different guitar pedals out there and interactively allows the user to access them with the touch of a finger. The application will also be capable of recording what you create and saving it as an mp3 in your device.

Target Audience: This application will be aimed at both male and females of the ages 12-65. People that play both electric and acoustic guitar. The product will be available on the iPAD and XOOM so the user is expected to have some knowledge of digital music making software.

Objective: To make playing the guitar with effect pedals much easier and more fun, allowing the user to experience a plethora of effects for a fraction of the price. Also, to give the user full control of how to set up, create new and control old pedals all from the tip of their finger. Studio Z makes recording music much easier than other devices already out on the market.

Solution: I created an interface that is well-thought-out and easy to navigate. The user can get from one place to the next in a very intuitive manner. I used colors and icons that best represent the demographic making the overall user experience a pleasant one.